We want our businesses to feel Supported and Represented and provide you with consistent engagement, communication, advice and access to networks.

The BID  understands and represents voice of the district at all times to add value to existing services. We recognise our businesses are all adapting to meet changing customer demands in a very challenging time.

We will help you respond to growing consumer interest in sustainability and environmental standards and will provide ongoing support to encourage and assist with your sustainability goals.

We will support you in realising the business benefits of sustainable business practices, including group procurement and circular economy initiatives.


  1. We Represent the business voice on stakeholder boards and committees, ensuring future funding opportunities are aligned to business priorities.
  2. Support businesses through key funding and delivery programmes targeting economic recovery and growth.
  3. Work in partnership with you to solve the issues that matter.
  4. Provide direct support and guidance through engagement by contracted specialists.
  5. Provide business focused communications and information.

What’s coming 2024 and beyond

Business Support and Networking

Business Support offer for our small businesses and new business start ups will be one of our priorities for 2024. Working with key workspace providers and other partners to deliver tangible and tailored support for #Sutton. Keep an eye out on our news page for further details.

Employment and Skills

The BID recognises the shortage of some skills within our district and understands the impact this has on our members. We will be continuing to look at different initiatives, projects and schemes which we could harness to provide support to our members similar to the work we did around Kickstart and Youth Employment. We will do this by engaging on an ongoing basis with our Sutton Employment and Skills Board to see what opportunities are available.

Group Savings and Procurement

in 2024 we will be calling out to all Sutton based suppliers, providers and contractors so that we are able to offer increased savings for more businesses through group procurement, including maintenance/repairs and circular economy initiatives. A formal tender will be drafted in early 2024 with a view to creating a dedicated Sutton list for early Spring 2024.